High End Farms officially opened its doors in September of 2017, but were by no means new to the cannabis industry.

Co-owner Haider Tareen started HEF with years of growing experience under his belt. Haider also brought with him many of his close friends and family members to run the business.

As a Tier I Producer with the smallest growing space allowance, High End Farms strives to produce quality over quantity. This is achieved through a scientific based approach to growing. Through pheno-hunting and rare genetic collecting High End Farms also takes great care in strain selection to bring the best of the best to the Washington cannabis market.

Growing Style

High End Farms growing style is a collaboration of two brothers with decades of experience between themselves. From start to finish many techniques are employed to create the finest quality of cannabis—Diamond Quality Cannabis.

As an indoor grow, with closed air rooms, HEF can control every facet of the growing environment including light, humidity, temperature, and CO2. No aspect is overlooked. Even the soil is developed to be a living soil to naturally prevent pests and disease. If unwanted pests do find their way into the rooms, predatory insects are used to control them. Pesticides are never used.

Plants are tended and trained individually by hand to allow the growers to have a constant eye on the product. This also allows for trichomes to be monitored for peak maturity so plants can be harvested at the best possible time for flavor and quality. Once harvested, Buds are lined dried and slower cured to maximize terpene retention and smoothness.

And to finish off, High End Farms’ flower is always hand trimmed to ensure the highest quality of marijuana is being provided to the cannabis community of Washington.

Alpaca bowl farms

In June of 2019 High End Farms adopted 6 rescued alpacas through Olympic Peninsula Alpaca Rescue and started Alpaca Bowl Farms. Along with the 6 rescues the farm also took in 11 foster alpacas still looking for their forever homes. The 6 rescued are all males on the geriatric end of there lives: Frodo, Linus, Waldo, Leo, Ginseng, and Marley. To see more of these guys follow @alpaca_bowl_farms on Instagram.